Letter of Recommendation

I want to thank Blake and his team for an absolutely fabulous hunt. I have hunted with multiple outfitters and have never had one that met or exceeded my every expectation. Everything was exactly as promised. The animals had been scouted and patterned and everyone was knowledgeable and courteous. We harvested 4 world class Red Stag with archery tackle in 2 hunts. 3 the first evening and 1 the next morning. That is not easy to accomplish on a large ranch and Blake and his crew did everything in advance, during, the hunt, and post-hunt to make the entire experience 100% successful and enjoyable for our entire crew. If you are looking for the best outfitter that operates ethically and truthfully and can deliver world class animals of all species… Look no further than King of Eights Outfitters! Thanks Blake!

~Justin Furnace

June 5, 2018

I first met Blake Marshall on an Aoudad hunt in Texas Hill Country, where he was guiding for another outfitter.  We took a nice trophy thanks to Blake’s skills, patience, and persistence.  When he informed me that he now runs his own guiding and outfitting business, I was anxious to book another hunt.  A close hunting friend of thirty years accompanied me on an exotic species hunt for Addax and Scimitar Horned Oryx.  We both scored on nice animals, again thanks to Blake’s knowledge of the species and his close relationship with many landowners in central and southwest Texas and beyond.

This spot and stalk hunt is as close to hunting in South Africa, as you will find without the expense, time and travel concerns.  I recommend adding this hunt to your “bucket list”.

In addition, Blake has access to thousands of acres with just about any animal that you may be interested in hunting.  He is a skilled hunter and guide, as well as, having a personality necessary for guiding clients on a successful hunting experience.  I am proud to call Blake a friend.

Happy hunting,

Norm Klopfenstein


Hospitality, excitement, and relaxation are just three of the words I would use to describe the positive experience I had with KO8 Outfitters. Blake helped me set up an axis deer hunt for my fiance. He was quick to respond to my many questions, which made it clear how much he cares about his potential customers. I specifically booked with Blake over a different guide because of his customer service. Being a teacher, I definitely considered cost for choosing an outfitting company. Blake was extremely affordable AND provided a 5-Star experience. Appetizers were ready upon arrival and a delicious dinner was prepared by Blake himself. I had a relaxing weekend away to catch up on sleep and unwind and my fiance had the time of his life exploring ranches and shooting.
-Colleen Maley

We had an awesome time hunting with Blake last weekend. His drive and determination to make a hunt successful is incredible. Even though it was in June and hot weather, Blake made some great decisions to make sure we had plenty of opportunity to see some game. It’s awesome that by the end of the first day, all 3 of us that were hunting had shot opportunities and by the end of the second day we all had meat in the cooler. One of the most memorable moments happened when we were walking the property looking for hogs and I had a Blackbuck  Antelope fawn run past me within about 10 feet and then a Blackbuck  Antelope buck ran by me on the other side within about 15 feet of me! My wife was one of the hunters and this experience was great for both of us. The meals and hospitality were first class and Blake is a great Godly man that we enjoyed getting to know. Overall this was a truly memorable hunting trip and one that will not be forgotten. Hopefully there are many more times to come.

-Kevin C. Ashmore

I met Blake Marshall on a recent hunt for Aoudad sheep in the Hill Country of Texas. Thanks to Blake’s hunting skills, determination, and patience we harvested a very good ram. I have been fortunate to hunt with several guides in several places including South Africa, Canada, Northwest Territories, and Texas. I rate Blake as one of the best and it is a short list!

Blake’s infectious personality inspires confidence in his clients and he is just a fun person to hunt with and socialize. I was especially impressed with his patience, as I am 68 and have severe hearing loss. I also watched him successfully work with young people and another hunter with severe physical disabilities. To me this speaks volumes about his character and skill.

I do not offer many references, but Blake is certainly one of them. I am already planning another hunt.

Feel free to contact me: normssports@gmail.com

Blake has an extraordinary talent of quickly defining his customers’ wishes. He then follows through with a determined commitment to make it happen. ‘Nuff said. I will be back.
-Scotty Scott

I met Blake Marshall online some time ago and I am so glad that I did. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived in Texas as I had only heard that the wildlife was amazing and the terrain was rough. Blake walked me through me everything that I needed to pack and assured me that he would have backups if I forgot anything. Last year was my first trip to Texas and it was a successful one. It was late season and Blake didn’t even know that I was shooting for a turkey slam from having just left North Florida. Upon arriving and relaying this message, Blake made me feel at home before we suited up with determination and got on some Toms. Not only did Blake make one of the most memorable hunts for me but he also gained a great friend and yes we completed my turkey slam. Blake is an honest, professional and extremely acclimated outdoorsman with more great qualities than I can list. Each year I will be counting the days until I  return to Texas with my good friend and hopefully he can talk me into trophy deer and duck hunting in the upcoming seasons as well. I will recommend this professional guide to anyone.

-Jordan Penney AKA Texas Bound

When I started talking to Blake Marshall about six months ago, I thought to myself that he sounded like a really great guy. We messaged each other back and forth a lot during that time. Blake was one of the men who helped organize a hunt and get my trac-fab wheelchair donated to me. Blake and his friend Joe help get me a chair that would allow me to better navigate the woods and water and wouldn’t restrict my mobility. I was born with spina bifida and without this chair I rely on others to help me get to my favorite hunting and fishing spots.

Now that I have the chair, all of this is a lot easier. Blake was one of the main people that made that happen. When we arrived in Texas, Blake was more than hospitable. He picked us up from the airport, let us stay at his house, and drive us wherever we went. He helped with everything he could on the hunt, from helping me site in my rifle to helping me up into my stand as to make sure I didn’t fall. Blake is a really great guy. I enjoyed hanging out with him and getting to know him. We got along great together. In the short period of time we got to spend with each other, he taught me the importance of The Bible. He taught me you need to be the person that is right for you, even if others don’t like how you are. He taught me to not worry so much about what others thought of me. More than being a guide to me and a lot of help, Blake quickly became a lifelong friend. He is a very caring guy, easy to get along with, funny to be around, and will make sure you have a great time, regardless if you get to harvest the animal of your dreams or not.

I would for sure go back and hunt with Blake and King of Eights Outfitters every chance I get. I can’t wait to go back down and make some more great memories, because I know the last trip we went on is just one of many more to come.

-Jacob Jaworski

Best Christmas Present Ever!

Prior to this last Christmas, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I am a jeans and sweatshirt kind of gal, so clothes, jewelry, makeup, and all those things were a non-go. I do enjoy the outdoors, bird-watching, hiking, and hunting, so when he mentioned a possible exotics hunt in Texas, I was in—big time. We had both hunted axis deer in Texas before, and had developed a snobbishness for the taste of this beautiful little exotic deer. So my husband, Steve, contacted our friend about getting down to Texas for a December hunt. Our friend set us up on a great hunt on private property and turned us over to his associate, Blake Marshall, as our guide.

Well, guide, is a bit of an understatement for Blake. Not only did he ferry us around and put us on our quarry (I got the first axis of the hunt, the first night out, a big doe), he provided us with a well-stocked kitchen, full of a plethora of good eats, and he COOKED! Talk about a nice Christmas present! I lounged around the lodge while Blake planned meals, cooked great southern fare, and cleaned up the kitchen.

We also had a great hunt, saw lots of game and non-game species, harvested all the animals we wanted and came away with four ice chests full of great meat. Blake, of course, skinned and cleaned the game, stored it under refrigeration, and packed it up in coolers for our trip home. Note: my husband was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t expected to participate in the game preparation process. Blake is a master with a Swiss army knife. However, Steve had plenty to do after we got home and packaged up our game for our freezers. Now we continue to enjoy our Christmas present to each other and remember Blake and our great Texas hunt.


I met Blake through Facebook over a year ago. I started a page for my son, Jacob’s Journey, who was born with spina bifida. Jacob loves the outdoors and I was raising money for an outdoor trac-fab chair. Blake contacted me on how he could help. To make a long story short, with the help of his Texas  friend, Joe Reed, and an anonymous donor from Texas, Jacob’s chair was paid for and a whitetail hunt was being planned for Nov 15, 2015 in Texas.

Blake was our taxi, our hotel, and accompanied Jacob on this awesome hunt. There’s so much that goes into hunting, then I realized. Blake puts his heart and soul on the line to make sure everything is checked and packed! He’s a planner, a great guide, knowledgeable of his hunting area, and has the personality of a true friend. He genuinely cares about his clients, family, and the love of our God. Without God, this miracle wouldn’t have happened. Jacob wouldn’t have a giant Texas 10 point being mounted and we wouldn’t have met these awesome Texas patrons who truly love their job of guiding. Blake has become a very good friend of mine. He’s straight up honest with you. The faith he has in himself to be the best guide he can be didn’t happen overnight. He works hard to get all the facts first.  I highly recommend Blake Marshall to any individual interested in an amazing hunt of a lifetime. He has passion. He has heart and faith in God to make memories you’ll never forget. If hunting is your passion, Blake will make it a reality. Thank you for showing me the joy in my son’s face. Michigan loves Texas and we WILL be back. God Bless and thank you. ️

-Amy J Briolat

Blake Marshall and King of Eights Outfitters is simply one of a kind. You see, Blake doesn’t provide just an ordinary hunt. He shows over the top hospitality along with superior guiding skills that’ll leave you with that once in a lifetime harvest, and also money saved in your pocket with hunting prices that’ll drop your jaw in excitement.

All in all, Blake is truly a gem and has one of the most upbeat, funny, and good-hearted personalities I’ve ever encountered before. He knows how to have a good time and will definitely leave your gut hurting from all of the laughter. Book your Texas hunt with none other than Blake Marshall with KO8’s. You most certainly won’t regret it. Actually, you might as well go ahead and pre-book next years hunts with him while you’re at it.  He’s becoming quite the hot commodity!

-Krystal Beralek




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