K08 Dream Hunts

King of Eights Outfitters is not only dedicated to running world class hunts. We are also dedicated to helping handicapped youth and young adults along with military veterans achieve “dream hunts”that they might not otherwise have the chance to go on. It would mean the world to King of Eights Outfitters and every next underprivileged disabled hunter and military veteran if you would make even a small contribution towards our cause.

King of Eights Outfitters “Dream Hunt” Foundation is a place were we can all do our part to give back to the men and women who support us and protect our freedom. It’s also a place you can make dreams a reality by fulfilling a young man or woman’s hunt of a lifetime!



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Tanner’s Dream Hunt
Please get involved in something worthwhile. Donate, Like, and Share to show your support this this young man and send him on his dream hunt. We are trying to raise money for an all inclusive hunt for Tanner. He is a special young man with a huge heart. Tanner is a double leg amputee suffering from kidney disease but still loves to get out and go hunting. Let’s make this dream a reality! Thank you!

Visit Tanner’s  Go Fund Me Page to donate and be sure to share with your friends!!






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