Note: For Big Game Hunts of Exotics and Whitetail Deer Hunts

Meals and Lodging Provided Upon Request.

Prices Subject to Change According to Ranch.

Exotic hunts are all typically 3 day hunts unless otherwise  specified by hunter.

Whitetail hunts are all typcially 4 day hunts unless otherwise specified by the hunter.

All hunts offer a guaranteed shot opportunity.

Whitetail Deer Hunts (High Fence)

King of Eights Outfitters, LLC has some exceptional Whitetail hunts to offer this year. Our hunts are fully guided hunts with rifle or bow. Lodging meals, and game care included. We can take care of all meat processing and taxidermy upon request.

Whitetail Buck Price List

Total Hunt Fee

Up to 150”: $5,500

150″-180″: $8,500

180″-210″: $12,500

210″-250″: $14,500

250″-300″: $17,500

300″ plus: $22,500

Second Trophy Fee

Second Trophy
Up to 150”-$4500
300” plus-$21,500

Please feel free to call or email me to book your hunt and we will answer any questions you may have in regards to the hunt as well.

Whitetail Meat Hunts 

$650 per Whitetail Doe with 2 Doe Minimum.

Whitetail Deer Hunts (Low Fence/Free Range)

10,000 Acres Low Fence

*Management package of big mature buck (8 or 9 pointer) is $2950 with lodging

*130″-150″  buck hunt no matter score of the buck is $4500 with lodging

*150″-160″ and up buck hunt no matter score of the buck is $5500 with lodging

*160″ and up buck hunt no matter score of the buck is $6500 with lodging

Other Meat Hunts

Exotic Doe Meat Hunts: Hunter’s choice of Axis Doe, Blackbuck Antelope Doe, Dybowski Sika Doe, Japanese Sika Doe or Fallow Doe

All $825 per doe

Wild Hog/Ram Meat Hunts: Will Build Your Hunting Package to Your Specifications.

Exotic Big Game Hunts

Trophy Axis under 34″: $5500 | 34″ and Over: $6500 or POA

Management Axis (short tines and coddles): $4500

Axis Doe: $950

Aoudad Ram: $5500-for any Ram under 30”. $6500 for any Ram 30” and over.

Aoudad Ewe: $1250

Fallow Buck: $6500 and up according to size: Chocolate, White & Spotted

Fallow Doe: $950

Blackbuck Buck: $4,500 for any Blackbuck up to 18”/ any buck over 18” is POA.

Blackbuck Doe: $950

Zebra: $8500

Scimitar Horned Oryx: $6500 up to 40″. Anything over 40″ is POA

Broken Horned Scimitar Oryx: $4750

Gemsbok: $12,500 or POA

Oryx Cross with a Gemsbok (Scimbok): $8000

Arabian Urial : $6000

Transcaspian Urial: $15,500-$30,000 or POA

Waterbuck: $8000

Watusi: $6000

White Buffalo: $15000 or POA

Wild Boar: $650

Addax: $9500

Blesbok: $7500

Nilgai: $6500

Japanese Sika: $5000

Dybowski Sika: $5500-$6500 depending on score or POA

Red Stag: $3500-$35,000 or POA

Red Sheep: $5500-$6500 or POA

Afghan: $5000-$6500 or POA

Corsican Ram: starting at $3,500 up to $6500 or POA

Texas Dall Ram: starting at $3,500- up to $6500 or POA

Mouflon Ram: starting at $4000-$6500 or POA.

Painted Desert Ram: starting at $3,500-up to $6500 or POA.

Black Hawaiian Ram: starting at $3,500 up to $6500 or POA.

Jacob’s Four Horn Ram: starting at $3,500 up to $6500 or POA.

Kudu: $18,500 or POA

Sable: $18,500 or POA

Lechwe: $7000 or POA

Marshall Ridge Goats: $1850

Nile Lechwe: $18,500 or POA

Rhea: $1500

Persian Ibex: $10,500 or POA

This Hunt is All Inclusive with Meals and Lodging, Cleaning and Quartering

Black Wildebeest: $16000 or POA

Asian Buffalo: $6000 or POA

Bongo: $30,000 or POA

Blue Wildebeest: $8500 or POA

Impala: $5000 or POA

American Buffalo: $6500 or POA

Hybrid Ibex: $2950 or POA

Nubian Ibex: $15000 or POA

Nyala: $14500 or POA

Pere David Deer: $8000 or POA

Dama Gazelle: $10,000 or POA

Eland: $10,500 or POA

Himalayan Tahr: $6000 or POA

Ostrich: $3000

Yak: $6000


Elk Cows: $2750

Red Hinds: $2500

I have other exotics that I may not have covered, but just ask if there isn’t something here that you want to take.

Hog & Turkey Hunts | Predator Hunts

*Hog Hunts: $1850/Day Per Person – 2 Day Hunt with Unlimited Hogs.

Add on Hogs to Turkey, Whitetail, Exotic Hunts: $500 Per Person

*Guaranteed Big Boar Hunt: $1500 Per Person, Guaranteed 250 lb boar or bigger.

*Turkey Hunts: $2000 for a fully guided turkey hunt with two toms and with lodging. $300 for each additional bird.

*Predator Hunts: $300 per person per day for any varmints to include unlimited Fox and Coons, one Coyote and one Bobcat.

Each additional Bobcat: $200

Each additional Coyote: $100

Duck Hunts

$450 per person per day for 5 hours. Lodging: $200 per person per night. Location: Jacksboro, TX

Bears, Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer and Coues Deer Hunts

  • Elk start at $8,500-$25,000
  • Coues Deer start at $6,250
  • Mule Deer start at $6,500
  • Antelope start at $3,750
  • Black Bears start at $5,750

Helicopter Hog Hunts

  • Guns & Ammo Provided (Suppressed ARs)
  • Lodging and Meals Included
  • Two People: $2500/first hour & $2000/hour for each hour after

Pricing without Meals and Lodging

  • Two People: $2250/first hour & $1750/hour for each hour after
  • Guns & Ammo Provided (Suppressed ARs)


$150 per day per person.

All day fishing access to fully stocked lakes.

Lakes are stocked with Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Bream.

Please Call for Additional Details!

Additional Notes

Deposits are non refundable and 50% of the entire price of the hunt is required to book dates.

Also feel free to ask about our children, military, and disabled persons rates.

There are No Kill Fees, Trophy Fees, or other Hidden Costs.

Guide Gratuity is Not Included in Hunting Rates but Greatly Appreciated. Suggested Gratuity is at least 10% of the total price of the hunt.

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.

“I guide on several different ranches. Prices vary for each ranch for the animals and lodging. We’re all in the same area and work to help each other. I’m here to help you plan your next big adventure. Let me know how I can be of any service.”

Blake Marshall


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