Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep Hunts

My New Mexico wilderness Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep hunts take place Wheeler Peak Wilderness, Pecos Wilderness, Latir Wilderness, San Francisco Turkey Creek Mountain Range and the Rio Grande Gorge Mountain Range. We pack into these areas on horseback and hunt out of a base camp. We also have areas in which we might head out for the day and setup small base camps depending on what the sheep are doing. These are remote locations that hold plenty of sheep. All these sheep hunts are $12,500 plus 8% sales tax. We are 100% on sheep and strive to continue to have that success rate. Lots of off season scouting goes into these hunts of a lifetime. This is critical in the summers in order to find the best ram possible.

Hunters have a greater chance of drawing a sheep hunt if they apply under an outfitter in the draw pool. Tag for a non-resident if drawn costs $3,173.00. These hunts will be guided with 2 or more guides to one hunter with multiple spotters helping find sheep.

Hunting dates for each unit are all different. Sheep hunts start in early August and carry on through mid-September!

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Our Desert Sheep hunts
take place in the Peioncilos, Hatchets, Cabellos, Ladrones, the San Andres, and Fra Cristobal Mountain Ranges. Camping in these units depends on the client and their capabilities. New Mexico is known for MONSTER DESERT SHEEP. Ram tag for Desert is also $3,173.00.

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