New Zealand Hunts

Notes About KO8 Outfitted New Zealand Hunting Excursions

**The months between February and July, except June, has gaps. Best time for stags is in March/April but doesn’t play a huge factor in getting your animal. The entry level stag hunt, which is a 325-350 SCI, is normally $7,250 includes all lodging, meals, drinks, etc.

**You fly into Auckland which is a direct flight from Houston, LA or San Fran. Then from there it’s a one hour flight to Palmerston North where we take care of you from there

**Just a stag hunt Is 4 days including the day you arrive. Then the day after the hunt we drop you off.

**However, if you wanted Stag | Tahr|  Chamois, that’s 7 days.

Hunting Rates

Packages include trophy fees, accommodation at our hunting lodge, guide rates, all meals and beverages, airport transfers, hunt transportation, photography and field preparation of trophies.

Red Stag package

4 nights accommodation & red stag
SCI 325 – 350
US $7,500
SCI 350 – 375
US $9,500
SCI 375 – 400
US $12,500
SCI 400 – 425
US $14,500
SCI 425 – 450 
US $16,500
SCI 450 +
Red Stag, Chamois & Tahr packages

7 nights accommodation hunting both North and South Islands, red stag, tahr, chamois and ALL helicopter time
SCI 325 – 350 Stag 
US $20,000
SCI 350 – 375 Stag
US $22,000
SCI 375 – 400 Stag
US $24,000
SCI 400 – 425 Stag
US $26,000
SCI 425 – 450 Stag
US $28,000

Red Stag & Tahr packages

7 nights accommodation hunting both North and South Islands, red stag, tahr and ALL helicopter time
SCI 325 – 350
US $16,750
SCI 350 – 375
US $18,750
5 Species North Island package

6 nights accommodation, red stag (up to SCI 350), sika (up to SCI 140), fallow (representative), ram, goat
SCI 325 – 350 Stag
US $15,750
SCI 350 – 375 Stag
US $18,000
South Pacific 8 Package (SCI Continental Award)

10 nights accommodation hunting both North and South Islands, red stag (SCI 350-375), tahr, chamois, sika (up to SCI 140), rusa, fallow, ram, goat and ALL Helicopter time
SCI Award application fee included
US $35,000
Alpine Hunting Pro-hunter shirt included
Hunts throughout May – July only
Trophy fees for additional species
Sika to SCI 140
US $4,500
Sika SCI 140 – 150
US $6,500
Sika SCI 150+

Fallow  from US $5,000

Wapiti (Elk) from US $12,000

US $14,000
US $6,500

US $2,000

Arapawa Ram
US $1,000

Chamois & Tahr (Inc. Helicopter)
US $14,500

Tahr only (Inc. Helicopter)
US $10,000

Possums (per person)
US $750
Non-hunter rates
Daily rate
US $300

Round trip flight South Island
US $750

Day tours & sightseeing from the lodge
US $200 pp

Accompanying hunter in helicopter 
No charge
Add ons – Conditions apply
Extra day – One hunter
US $750
Extra day – Two hunters       
US $450
Full Tour Itinerary Booking Fee
US $450
Rifle hire
US $250

Photos from New Zealand Hunts

Terms & Conditions, Deposits & Cancellations

No hidden costs, no surprises.

Trophy Quality

All big game trophies are guaranteed to make the Record Book. When Red Stag, Wapiti and Sika hunting, the hunter is NOT responsible for extra trophy fees if the animal is bigger than adjudged by the guide.

Deposit Policy

An immediate deposit of 25% is required to confirm dates. A further 25% is due by September 1 on the year before hunt. Your deposit can be sent by check to Alpine Hunting, PO Box 5236, Palmerston North, 4441, New Zealand.   

Payment Options

All hunts are charged in US Dollars and payments can be made by personal or bank check, wire transfer, Visa or MasterCard (+5% credit card fee).  For payments in camp checks are preferred.

Cancellation Policy

Due to popular demand during the rut when the red stags are roaring (mid-March thru mid-April), the minimum booking value taken is the SCI 350 – 375 red stag package, valued at US$8,000.  Multiple species packages can include a SCI 325 – 350 red stag.

Trophy Preparation For Export

Alpine Hunting arranges the preparation, expediting and shipping of your trophies through our professional taxidermist and shipping agent. We combine your hunt balance and shipping fees into your final balance at the end of your hunt. It takes approx. 90 days to get your trophies back to the US, indicative pricing available here.


US cash or 2 separate checks for gratuities – We are unable to process staff tips through the business so please come prepared if you are planning on tipping your Guide and the Lodge staff.  The usual Gratuities run around 10% of the total hunt value with it being split 2/3 to the guide and 1/3 to the lodge staff.  This is an indication of what is typical only and gratuities are totally at the discretion of the hunter and/or guest.

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