New Zealand Hunts

Notes About KO8 Outfitted New Zealand Hunting Excursions

**Any month between February and July, for the exception of June, has gaps. Best time for stags is in March/April but doesn’t really matter. The entry level stag hunt which is a 325-350 SCI is normally $7250 which includes all lodging, meals, drinks etc.

**You fly into Auckland which is a direct flight from Houston, Las Angeles or San Francisco. Then from there it’s a one hour flight to Palmerston North where we take care of you from there.

**Just a Red Stag hunt Is 4 days including the day you arrive. Then the day after the hunt we drop you off. However, if you wanted stag/tahr/chamois that’s 7 days.

**Just Tahr are $7,750 which includes the helicopter time and flight to the other island. Both Stag and Tahr together are $13,750 including everything.**The most popular package is the Red Stag (325-350), Tahr & Chamois, which is a 7 day hunt and includes everything for $15,250.

You can upgrade to a bigger Stag of your choosing and I can assure you you will know what the cost will be prior to pulling the trigger or releasing the arrow.

To bring a non hunter/guest it’s $195 per day.

Sika Stags:
Up to 140 SCI – $4,500
140-150 SCI – $6,000
150 SCI plus – $8,500

Rusa are $8,500 for the biggest you can get

Fallow start at $4,000 and go up to $9,750 for a monster.

Elk start at $6,750

Rams are $950

Goats are $1,500

Red Stags:
325″-350″: $7,250
350″-375″: $8,500
375″-400″: $11,000
400″-425″: $13,500
425″-450″: $ 15K
450″-475″: $17.5K
475″-500″: $25K
500″-525″: $30K
525″-550″: $35K
550″-575″: $40K
575″-600″: $45K

Anything after that completely depends on the Stag.

We can discuss group pricing once y’all decide on what y’all want to hunt as far as animals go.

Photos from New Zealand Hunts


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