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Note: For Big Game Hunts of Exotics and Whitetail Deer Hunt

Lodging is $75 a night per adult and $55 per child 12 and under.

Meals can be provided for $75 a day per person.

All hunts offer a guaranteed shot opportunity.

Whitetail Deer Hunts (High Fence)










200+-$13,000 and up depending on score

Meat Hunts

Whitetail Does: $225 each or 3 for $600

Whitetail Deer Hunts (Low Fence/Free Range)

6600 Acres Low Fence

*Management package of big Mature 8’s and 9’s is $2850 with lodging

*Unlimited buck hunt no matter score of the buck is $3850 with lodging

Meat Hunts 

3 Whitetail Does with Lodging for $1250

Other Meat Hunts

Wild Hog/Ram Meat Hunts: Will Build Your Hunting Package to Your Specifications.

Exotic Hunts

  • Trophy Axis-$3000-$3350
  • Management Axis (short tines and coddles): $1750-$2250
  • Axis Doe: $475
  • Aoudad Ram: $3500
  • Aoudad Ewe: $400
  • Fallow Buck: $3750/Chocolate, White & Spotted
  • Fallow Doe: $500
  • Blackbuck Buck: $2750
  • Blackbuck Doe: $400
  • Zebra: $5500
  • Red Lechwe: $5500-$7000
  • Scimitar Horned Oryx: $4750
  • Gemsbok: $6500
  • Oryx Cross with a Gemsbok: $6500
  • Arabian: $6000
  • Addax: $5000
  • Blesbok: $4750
  • Nilgai: $4750
  • Dybowski Sika: $4000-$5000 depending on score
  • Red Stag: $5000-$7500 depending on score
  • Elk: $5000-$7500 depending on score
  • Transcaspian Ram: $425 an inch
  • Red Sheep: $5000-$6000
  • Afghan: $5000-$6500
  • Corsican: $1500-$1750
  • Texas Dall Ram: $1500 and up
  • Black Wildebeest: $8500
  • Blue Wildebeest: $6500
  • Impala: $5000
  • Buffalo: $4500-$6500
  • Pere David: Call for Pricing
  • Ibex: Call for Pricing

I have other exotics that I may not have covered, but just ask if there isn’t something here that you want to take.

Hogs, Turkeys, Dove, and Quail Hunts

*Hog Hunts start at $350

*Turkey Hunts: $1600 for a fully guided turkey hunt with two toms and with lodging.

Semi-Guided turkey hunt $1150: With two toms and with lodging.

Extra bird is $350 per bird

*Quail Hunts: $250 a day per person  for the hunt fee. Dog handlers can be provided upon request. Lodging is $75 a day per person for hunters and $125 a day per person for non-hunters and $55 a day for kids. Meals are $75 a day per person.

*Duck Hunts: $250 a day per gun hunt fee. $75 a half day / $125 full day for guide fee. Lodging is $75 a day per person for hunters $125 a day per person for non-hunters and $55 a day for kids. Meals are $75 a day per person.

*Dove Hunts start at $100/Day. Meals Included. Lodging Available Upon Request.

Bears, Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer and Coues Deer Hunts

  • Elk start at $7,250
  • Coues Deer start at $6,250
  • Mule Deer start at $3,750
  • Antelope start at $3,750
  • Black Bears start at $5,750

Helicopter Hog Hunts


  • Guns Provided
  • Lodging and Meals Included
  • Hunts Will Be Designed Specifically for Your Needs and Desires

Call for Pricing

Please Call for Additional Details!

Additional Notes

There are No Kill Fees, Trophy Feeds, or other Hidden Costs.

Guide Gratuity is Not Included in Hunting Rates but Greatly Appreciated. Suggested Gratuity is 20%.

I guide on several different ranches. Prices vary for each ranch for the animals and lodging. We’re all in the same area and work to help each other. I’m here to help you plan your next big adventure. Let me know how I can be of any service.

Blake Marshall


King of Eights Outfitters






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